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Factors To Consider When Determining Frequency

How Often Should Parking Lot Sweeping Be Done?

Maintaining an appealing building exterior is a priority when it comes to your commercial property. It draws new customers and keeps current ones happy. Additionally, it signifies that the office building or retail center is home to a professional provider. Among the areas which you need to take care of when it comes to this aspect is the parking lot. This is due to the parking lot usually covering more square footage than any other part. Also, it is among the first areas to be spotted when clients enter the premises. There are several ways of maintaining the appeal of the area. Such include scheduling a properly organized in terms of frequency parking lot sweeping. There are several factors to consider when determining frequency:

The type of commercial establishment you have

One of the details to consider when it comes to parking lot sweeping routines is the type of establishment you have. If it’s a food or car parts store, you may want to have the property swept more frequently due to food and oil, cups and other particles being dropped or staying on the ground. This can range from three times per week to four or five. If they are is a facility such as a warehouse or an office you should consider fewer visits such as once or twice per week.

The frequency of soiling which the pavement receives

Another aspect to consider is how quickly the pavement gets dirty. When it comes to the amount of time needed for them to get dirty, parking lots differ from one another. For instance, the feature will become more soiled when near trees. Due to this, you should always consider how quickly it becomes in need of cleaning and have the schedule adjusted. For example, if the pavement is in need for a sweep, every three days after the previous cleaning you should adjust the regiment to reflect this aspect.

There are several aspects to consider when it comes to parking lot sweeping. If you would like to learn about them, contact a professional provider such as Luque Sweeping Services in Garden Grove, CA.