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You can learn more about what our cleaning company can do by turning to the customers we have and continue to serve. We provide special parking lot sweeping services on a scheduled basis, and much more. You can find out more about our work on our Google+ page where you can read past comments and share your thoughts with us.

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Luque Sweeping Services
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 16 reviews
by Dylan A. on Luque Sweeping Services
Parking Lot Is Very Clean!

The last time I hired a parking lot sweeping company, the people who did the cleaning were very inconsistent. Some days, the parking lot was clean, and on other days it was just a mess. So I changed my cleaners and hired this company. In their one month of cleaning, they have done a good job. So far, so good!  

by Priscilla S. on Luque Sweeping Services
My Parking Lot Hasn’t Been This Clean for a Long Time!

Ever since I expanded my parking lot, I couldn’t get it cleaned regularly. I hired this parking lot cleaning company to do the cleaning every few days. They brought their own tools and I was amazed how clean the parking lot was after they did the cleaning. I will definitely keep them for the long haul.  

by Damon K. on Luque Sweeping Services
Thank You!

I was searching for a parking lot cleaning service online and I stumbled upon this company. They did some fine cleaning and removed all the leaves and dirt that have accumulated in the parking lot. Thank God I didn’t have to do the cleaning myself. Thank you!  

by Jill Marie E. on Luque Sweeping Services
Definitely the Best Parking Lots Cleaner in the Area!

My friend recommended me this parking lots cleaner, and I was simply amazed with their service! I hired a few cleaners before to clean the parking lot next to my store, and I hated how they did their work. This company, on the hand, provided fast and efficient cleaning services. They usually do the cleaning after I close my shop and the parking lot is free from vehicles.    

by Elaine G. on Luque Sweeping Services
Great Job!

Parking cleaning can be a drag, even if you only have a small parking space. I hired a third party to do the cleaning because I can’t do the cleaning myself. Overall, they did a great job!

by Alexandra Williams on Luque Sweeping Services

I really laid back. The experts from this parking lot sweeping service really knew what they were doing. You can really say that they honestly loved their job. I am so happy that I made the right choice!

by Abel Bridges on Luque Sweeping Services

This parking lot cleaning company was very professional, on time, and did the job perfectly. I am always more than pleased with my parking lot. Great job, I will hire them again!

by Abraham Bailey on Luque Sweeping Services

This parking lots cleaner has been sweeping my place for years. I trust them completely. They are trustworthy and incredibly fast. I highly recommend their services. Thanks a lot for the service.

by Brandi Nash on Luque Sweeping Services

If you need a professional parking cleaning company, this is the one just for you. They were precise, remarkable, and truly incredible. I will choose them the next time I need my parking lot cleaned.

by Marc Bass on Luque Sweeping Services
So Happy

I was extremely pleased with the job that this parking lot cleaning service did. They arrived exactly when they stated they would and they worked efficiently and really hard. My parking lot was sparkling!

by Greg P. Maxwell on Luque Sweeping Services
Happy With the Service

I'm pretty happy with their parking lot sweeping service. I've hired them on a couple of occasions to take care of the parking spaces in the back of the office. Great job and the customer service was really good. 

by Mark Talbot on Luque Sweeping Services
Great Service

We used to have a pressure washer on-site and wash the parking lot now and then, but it broke down, so we either had to get a new one or try booking a professional parking lot cleaning service. Theirs is pretty great and quite decently priced.

by Collin Baker on Luque Sweeping Services
A Recommendation

Our previous parking lots cleaner was this dude who was never on time, but his service was pretty cheap, so we put up with him for a while. Then, we discovered this company and their rates were pretty close to what we were looking for, so we scheduled a one-time service. We are regulars now. Great and very honorable approach.

by Martha Wallace on Luque Sweeping Services
A Nice Surprise

I gotta say it was a nice surprise having a cleaner who could do indoor and outdoor cleaning and offer a parking lot cleaning service at the same time. Whenever they come over, I feel secure and expect great results because they have shown me nothing less. I will continue to recommend their services to anyone that asks me who can do this type of work for them.

by Marry D. on Luque Sweeping Services
Very Consistent

I like how consistent they are with the services I ask them to do. Many times, you would hire a cleaner, and they would impress you the first few times, and then they would get sloppy the longer the time went on, but not these fellas. Excellent parking cleaning and very friendly staff. 

by Andres Mcgee on Luque Sweeping Services
Thank You

I was absent for some time and had to leave my business center in the hands of partner. However, the moment I came back, I noticed a lot of things weren't right, including the parking lot which was very dirty. I had to call a specialist who could do a full cleanup and had this company on my list of favorites. On-time arrival, quick cleaning, and efficient, as well. Couldn't be more satisfied.

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